Reputation Marketing

Build your five-star reputation online and get more customers

Are you getting as many phone calls as your business can handle?

At Strong Point Marketing, we specialize in reputation marketing for small- to medium-sized business. We use top-of-the-line reputation marketing software and a best-practices approach to manage, build and market your company’s online reputation to get more customers, clients or patients.

Do you have ANY idea what your customer are saying about you online?

Stop Throwing Away Your Marketing Dollars!

Your online reputation and reviews could be costing your business customers and an untold amounts of income. From irate former customers to fake reviews posted by competitors, each bad review posted online is like a vote against you when a potential client searches for your business online. Even if your company has a fairly positive reputation right now, you’re only a review away from a bad online reputation.

It’s All About The Reviews

Are getting the amount of calls you should be getting? If not, it could be your bad reviews or lack of reviews are turning potential consumers away. Online reviews act like word of mouth marketing for 21st century businesses.

A Question

Three local businesses are virtually identical:

Which one would you choose to call?

All else being equal, you know you’d choose Company C for its five star reputation. You’re not alone: 90 percent of consumers reading online reviews claim that positive online reviews influenced their decision to contact a business.

The Marketing Game Changers

What you don't know can hurt your business

Marketing Game Changer 1

80 million Google+ pages merged with each company’s website and reveals the company’s reputation to their potential clients.

Search for any local business’s name plus the city reveals their reputation.

Marketing Game Changer 2

Businesses must have reviews to compete online. Why? Reviews are a major part of online marketing:
Google Maps • Social Media • Local Directories

Marketing Game Changer 3

Search Engine Optimization… Social Media…
Local Marketing… Pay Per Click
None of it is as effective anymore…
If you’re not monitoring and get a bad review.

Trust Is The New Online Currency

Reviews give you prequalified, presold leads

Because consumers trust reviews as much as family and personal recommendations.


“88% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations” Bright Local

Reviews Make Your Business Trusted Before They Even Call

The Nielsen Global Survey of Trust in Advertising found that reviews are one of the most trusted forms of advertising.


  • Recommendations from people I know 84%
  • Branded websites 69%
  • Consumer opinions posted online 68%

The only more trusted were word-of-mouth and branded websites. All other forms of advertising RAPIDLY fall off from there in trust. Are you wasting money in your advertising?

Choosing Your Business

How many reviews does a consumer look up before making a decision? Your company needs reviews to compete. Reviews aren’t just for retail businesses and restaurants. Businesses with a lot of positive five star reviews will have an edge over yours if you don’t keep up.

Trusting Your Business

How many reviews does a local business need to be trusted? You can’t hide behind the fact that they have no reviews. At this stage of internet marketing, no reputation could hurt your business as much as a bad reputation.

“Without Six 5-Star Reviews Your Business Isn’t Trusted” – Bright Local

The Solution: Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is essentially the practice of building a five star reputation online and using that reputation to get you more clients, customers or patients. At Strong Point Marketing, we are experts on how to not only build and defend your online reputation but also how to market it.

Your business needs reputation marketing

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