Sorry, but not sorry. Here’s how a small child often starts to learn something: Mom or Dad tries to teach their kid how to ________. The kid at first is super enthusiastic and then fails. Then he or she pouts and says, “_______ is stupid, I don’t want to do it.” And then he or she wanders off to find a much safer-on-the-ego toy. It’s not until Mom or Dad cuts back the difficulty level that the child has those small wins that built into skill and enjoyment.

I’m calling you out because you might have wandered off too and settled on something “comfortable” and “easy” and never went back for the win with your online marketing.

Let’s cut the crapola

The sole purpose of marketing is to get more people to buy more of your product or service, more often and for more money. You’re in business to make sales. Your social media isn’t merely about “exposure” and “connecting”. If you’re going to play the game selling online, you need to follow a Digital Marketing Funnel.

digital marketing funnel

Recap: First you drive traffic from online traffic sources to a Nurture Zone, where you build the relationship with prospects online and get them to understand what you’re selling and promoting. Then your prospect is graduated into the Conversion Zone, when they decide to do business with you or buy or in some other way convert (which means you persuaded them to do something). If they fall out at any point of the cycle, you recover them with follow-up. You accomplish all this through a sequence and combination of web pages, online advertising, and possibly emails. Got it?

What do I look like, a mind reader?

Let’s differentiate between what’s going on in your prospect’s head when you’re trying to nurture them versus getting them to convert or buy:

In Nurture Zone the questions are things like:

  1. Why would I want to do this?
  2. What’s in it for me?
  3. What’s the value?
  4. Why would I want to work with this company?

Questions in the Conversion Zone are things like:

  1. How much does it cost?
  2. What’s the guarantee?
  3. What if I don’t like it?

Do you see the difference in mindset that you need to address? Knowing this will save you money and effort because you won’t be trying to convert someone when you should be nurturing them.

Don’t mess this up

Do you remember your 5 Laws of Digital Marketing? Number 3 again is: “Prospects want to be presented the opportunity to buy at the right time and are upset if this is not done.”

Conversion could be an actual sale, an appointment request, request to talk with sales, etc. You should give the person the opportunity to convert themselves with an irresistible offer – something that would keep the prospect up at night if she decided to skip it. This doesn’t have to be something cheap, but it has to show a lot of value.

And then after your prospect converts, consider offering an upsell or a special paid bonus. Have you ever bought something and then the salesperson asks if you’d like buy this also? They know at that point your wallet and mind is open to spending more. Well, you can do this online with what’s called a One Time Offer, or an OTO, during the buying process.

If you’re protesting that your business is driven by in-person sales, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself – and your business. In-person interaction is great, but internet marketing greatly extends your reach. By utilizing the framework of the Digital Marketing Funnel and these strategies, you’re poising your business to be the market leader in your area.

Next week, I’m breaking out flamethrower brigade on bad marketing products and service, and those who peddle them. You’re probably having trouble with your online sales – let’s fix that.

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