It really isn’t all about you. You may think it is, but it isn’t.

You’re probably making a big ol’ “D’oh!” mistake with your marketing: Your website, your business cards, your brochures, there is too damn much about you in it. I bet there’s so much “me” in your stuff, you shouldn’t even have email, you should have “me-mail”.

Guess what, it’s not about you. It’s about your customer: about what they want, what they are looking for. You don’t have a ___________ business. You have a problem-solution business. Your marketing materials need to reflect this. Your Digital Marketing Funnel needs to be more about how you’re going to solve your prospects’ wants and needs, and be less about your company. Despite your ego.

Hooah let’s do this!

If you’ve been with me this far, you know, I’m all about practicality and you being able to take control of your online marketing as a small business owner. Just between you and me, I think you need a funnel-driven business to attract new customers online, continue to upsell to existing customers and to focus your efforts so you’re not wasting time and money. So let’s build start to build this thing.

How to Build Your Funnel

I told you before that I was declaring war and that I am going to lay down a barrage against junk marketing products and the companies that sell them. This step-by-step list is your ammo, and builds on the Three Funnel Conversion Foundations:

  1. Select a product of service you would like to promote.
  2. Work out how many of these products/services you would like to sell over what time period.
  3. Work out your audience, message and offer.
  4. Work out your Nurture Zone based on your message and offer.
  5. Work out your Conversion Zone based around you offer, with upsell or bonus if desired.
  6. Work out your traffic sources that will drive prospects to your landing page. Start with a low budget and a single traffic source.
  7. Track visitors who do not convert and set up follow-up actions.
  8. Launch and run your funnel for ten days. Monitor results and work out plans for optimization and expansion.

I’m not going to take up each step above in this series – I’m sure you can figure out several of the above points, like working out what you want to sell and how much. You’ve already learned about the Nurture Zone in post number two. But the rest of this series will take up the major points above that aren’t so obvious.

Are you an action-taker? Or a sit-on-your-butt-er?

This basic strategy of a Digital Marketing Funnel only works if you work. This is a practical system that’ll keep you from merely trying social media, trying pay-per-click ads, trying advertising on Yelp. You’re in business to make money. Yes, there will be some trial-and-error as you test and refine your funnel, but your efforts will be focused. Commit to the process and get help from qualified professionals where needed.

No amount of information in the world is going to do anything for you unless you use it. But sometimes you need help in applying what you learn. So let’s talk. Request an appointment with us by clicking the button  and we’ll get you going in the right direction.

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In the next No Derp Zone article let’s take up your Conversion Zone. You’re here to make money, right? Well you need to understand a few things about online sales. Sales don’t happen just because you want them to, you know.

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