Reputation Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

How does reputation marketing get me new customers?

Reputation marketing fulfills the trust factor that is necessary before a potential customers even picks up the phone or emails you. Consumers want third party validation to ensure that they are getting the best service. They can read your website, but they will still be left wondering whether your business is worth it or not. Reputation marketing is a proactive approach, helping your business build a wealth of quality reviews, which then can inspire potential clients to pick up the phone.

We already market our company. Why do we need reputation marketing?

Reputation marketing is the keystone your practice needs in place to properly market itself. It’s common knowledge that consumers search a business’ reputation online before making a decision. Your expensive SEO campaign, radio ads, prints ads, TV spots will all drive potential customers to your web presence. If they find lots of bad reviews they might not call. If they find that your competition has more reviews and a better star rating, they may call them instead.

According to a Nielsen survey, 68% of those who responded reported that they trusted consumer opinions posted online, the third most trusted form of advertising, only behind word of mouth and your own website. Brightlocal found that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendations. Why wouldn’t you want to put your marketing investment towards advertising that gets a response, and make it a priority?

Can bad reviews be removed?

Generally, the answer is no. The best way to combat negative reviews is with lots of good reviews to bury the bad. A strategy and system will go a long way in pushing down negative results. If a company says they’ll remove bad reviews, you should consider them suspect.

Do you post fake reviews or pay for them?

Absolutely not, because that would be dishonest. In this world of transparency, it would be damaging to your reputation if it got out that we were posting fake reviews for your practice. Additionally there are laws against incentivizing reviews that could land you in hot water. Learn more here.

Is this just another software product?

Strong Point Marketing’s reputation marketing service for small- and medium-sized is a consulting service. We use top-of-the-line reputation marketing software along with video production, in combination with established best practices and a winning strategy to help your business build its reputation. Let’s face it, you don’t need another piece of software. Your five star reputation won’t build itself. It takes a strategy, coordinated action and the right tools.

Is reputation marketing the same as online reputation management?

Reputation management is a defensive posture. It seeks to avoid reputation issues and tries to fix reputation snafus. It looks towards the past. Reputation marketing on the other hand takes a more proactive stance of building your five star reputation and using that reputation to get new clients now and in the future. Ask yourself this question: What makes you money, managing or marketing?

Will my business's strategy be one size fits all?

No. While the Perfect Reputation Marketing Strategy is a solid framework for most practices, we take into account your individual needs and budget. You will get a personalized program for your business.

What will this cost me?

Per the last answer, your cost will depend upon budget and the specific services your firm requires. Your strategy coach will work up a proposal with a cost for both set-up and ongoing monthly service.

Are you ready to get started and crush your competition?

Yes! Let's start!

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