Reputation Marketing Strategy

Dominate Your Competition & Get More Customers

The Perfect Reputation Marketing Strategy

At Strong Point Marketing, we know what works when it comes to developing and marketing your small business’s online reputation. Anyone directing a battle needs a strategy which is then implemented as tactics. Trust us, this is not only a battle for your five star reputation to boost your ego: it’s a battle for your business’s survival. With that in mind we utilize a proven system backed up with the best state-of-the-art reputation marketing software. We manage and defend your reputation, build your reviews so you become the trusted market leader in the eyes of consumers, and then market your reputation to get more customers.

Managing Your Business's Reputation

Dominating the first page of Google

When a potential customer searches for your specific company name what does the first page of search results look like? Does it just have your website and a few other listings?  If you don’t dominate the first page, you could be effectively advertising for your competitors! Additionally, if you don’t claim and fill in the most important online business directories, you’re losing the chance to differentiate yourself from your competition, control your message, and reach more potential customers.

Review Early Warning System

Your company is only one or two reviews away from a bad reputation online, if you’re not monitoring. Now, no reputation management company can really remove bad reviews (despite what some companies will tell you), but having an 24/7 alert system that tells you the moment a bad review is posted online can go a long way in mitigating the damage done to your reputation.

Monthly reporting keeps you on track

Reputation marketing is something that needs to be worked at. Your online reputation is vital to your business’s survival. We keep you on track to dominate your competition and be seen as the market leader with comprehensive monthly reporting. Your reputation marketing report analyzes everything that your customers are saying about you online – all in one place!

Building Your Reputation

Control Your Reputation

Let’s just face it, it’s crazy out there: anyone can post anything they want about your business and review sites will do almost nothing to stop them. And then there’s another problem: how do you easily and smoothly direct satisfied clients to the best review sites for your business? Reputation marketing is all about taking as much control as possible of your online reputation. You don’t want to just wait for reviews to happen. You want to make them happen.

We custom build for your firm a feedback page that acts as a funnel for your reviews. This isn’t just a form, it’s a focal point for your reputation strategy, a place to direct your clients to leave you reviews which can then be distributed to your top designated review sites. And it’s a safety net: negative reviews submitted through your feedback page are instantaneously routed to your email inbox so your office can handle the complaint before the client spreads it around the internet.

The Right Tactics to Get Reviews

Print Media

We can produce for you printed promotions, like business cards and postcards, that can be handed to clients, customized with your branding, which will drive traffic to your feedback page.

Feedback Campaigns

We’ll build an email campaign targeting your customers to send them to your feedback page and leave reviews. You no longer need to worry about asking a customer multiple times for a review.

Response Campaigns

We follow up the feedback campaign with response campaigns, a series of emails intended to get customers who have already positively reviewed your practice to spread their testimonials around the web.

Training Your Staff

The game of reputation marketing is about gaining the trust of potential customers before they even call, and what you don’t know can hurt your practice. And it pays to know the rules of the game. With a series of short videos, we train you and your staff so you know the working essentials so you can operate with them.

Marketing Your Reputation

Positioning Your Business as THE Market Leader

Your 5-star reviews on your website

87% of potential consumers referred by word of mouth are going to search for information about your practice. Undoubtedly they’ll end up on your website. You only have 10-20 seconds to make a positive impression on a visitor. Why not show off your five-star reputation? We have the technology to pull your video commercials and five-star reviews from around the web onto your site.

Syndicating the your reviews to social media

Your potential customers are on social media. In fact 73% of US adults use social media. Your firm can’t afford to be not to be using these incredible tools to reach your audience. To help you capture this huge segment of the population and market your five-star reputation to them, we turn your reviews into easily shareable review images and syndicate them to up to nine social networks. No matter where your potential customers turn, they are going to find your stellar reputation!

What We Deliver

The Perfect Reputation Marketing Strategy is a framework for building your lbusiness’ five star reputation online and marketing it to get more customers, but we work with every client business individually, and create and implement a strategy customized to your business. We consult with you each step of the way.

Below is a summary of our main services:

✓ Register your company on the most important review sites and optimize your listings

✓ Monitor and alert you for new reviews 24/7

✓ Create monthly reputation & feedback analysis reports

✓ Design a custom feedback survey and feedback page to build your reputation

✓ Design printed promotions and email campaigns to get you reviews fast

✓ Train you and your staff in the fundamentals of reputation marketing

✓ Create and broadcast monthly review video commercials

✓ Post reviews to your website or blog

✓ Create professionally designed review images for syndication to your social media channels

So the question is: Do you want your business to be seen as the market leader?

Yes! Let's get started!

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