This world has no shortage of things to spend money on, so I am going to tell this to you bluntly: your potential prospects don’t care.

If there’s one thing I’ve found that’s most common in sales and marketing is the shoulder shrug along with the I-really-don’t-want-hear-about-your-offering attitude. You know why? Because they’ve heard it all before and they’re barraged with it daily. So how are you going to sell online with that bit of fun sitting behind every potential sale? Read on.

Cause and Effect

It’s not personal, it’s just that your prospects are resisting being made an Effect. When you’re trying to sell you’re attempting to be Cause. Your product or service might be the best thing for that person but they’re still going to resist it in many cases. This is why you need marketing and sales. Otherwise you’d just tell people you sell such and such and they’d buy. World ain’t like that.

But you’re so irresistible

Thus far you’ve set up your Nurture Zone and you’ve matched the traffic you’re pursuing to the conversions you want. Now you need something to sell and that’s best done with an irresistible offer. But does that mean drop your prices?

I just spoke with a dentist who told me that potential patients who come in from discount offers tend to suck as patients. But an irresistible offer doesn’t automatically mean a discount!

An irresistible offer is a unique packaging of a product or service. Ask yourself: What do I offer that is new, different or better than other similar offers? What am I asking in exchange for this and what value am I presenting?

What customers are motivated by

Your prospects and customers are motivated by value. How are you going to get them stop resisting? Value, and the more they perceive value (in combination with their own wants and needs), the more offer will appear irresistible. You might consider adding a bonus or using a special incentive, and/or creating a sense of urgency with a limited number of deals or a limited time. You may even want to survey it and ask people, “Would this motivate you to buy?” as a test before you start to market.

Your goal in creating an irresistible offer should be to package your offering so well that it keeps them up at night if they pass on it.

Next week we’re going to take up not only how to build your funnel, but also how you can multiply your results and your money.

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